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About Us For Vdstatus

Hi. Everyone 

I am Sidz Pro I made this website to post all types of status all types of social media status.

hi, My name is sidz pro and I am a web developer. I started my studies 2 years ago. Today, I know a lot more knowledge website and similar things.

And I am also a musician, I have learned music since childhood and I make a very good song.

Then I thought it necessary to start a blog.

My short story

You all know that the mind is fickle. It does not stick to any one thing and this is the biggest root of failure. If you have controlled your mind, then you can walk towards success. 

Sometimes it happens that you are going to get success and your mind wanders. You go back to the destination. And then nothing is found except repentance. 

Keep your mind strong. Keep yourself away from all those thoughts that inspire you to get away from your destination.